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Bottle Aging Stave™ - American Red Oak - #1 Light Toast

$ 12.99

This Bottle Aging Stave™ is made of American Red Oak that has been naturally weathered for over 3 years.  Only the highest quality wine barrels are made from this wood.  It has undergone our proprietary 3 step heat treating process that is designed to let the stave take over where the barrel left off.   Recommended aging time: 1-4 weeks, but the sweet spot is 2-3 weeks.  It is reusable, but let it air dry for 1 month in-between uses. It is recommended that you let the flavors "marry" for a few weeks after you remove the Bottle Aging Stave.  Use one stave per 750ml of liquid.

American Red Oak staves work great as a finishing technique on any brown liquor, and you can also self charring them to aging clear, un-aged, spirits like legal moonshine or batched cocktails.  You can char any percent of the stave that you want to any char level that you want.  You can even soak them in another spirit before you char it for very unique flavors.  After charring, rinse and scrub underwater to prevent excessive smokiness in the flavor profile.  For extended aging, let the stave air dry for 2 weeks every 3 months.

(note: all wood products may contain splinters, handle with care.  Only a trained professional should char staves.  Always consult your insurance company and fire department before starting any fire.  Actual product may vary in size shape and appearance from what is pictured on the website.  Price is for 1 stave.)

For best results, let the flavors "marry" for 4 weeks or so after you are done aging and have removed the stave.

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