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Can I age with multiple woods?

The trend of using more than one type of wood to age or finish liquor has been going strong for years now, and many people have asked how they can do something similar with Beyond Barrels products.   The first idea that pops into peoples heads is to use two different staves inside of one bottle.  This isn't recommended since it throws an important ratio way out of whack: It addition, it gives very poor control over the strength of one wood to the other.   Ideally, for every different type or toast level of wood that you want to use,...

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Aging Basics

Background blogs: These two blogs are actually strongly related.  Based on feedback from social media etc, some people love to age their liquor for 2 weeks while others prefer to age the exact same spirit with the exact same wood for 4 months.   There are many possible reasons for this, the first is simply that different people prefer different flavor profiles.  Lots of people prefer a light blonde ale, and others prefer a huge IPA.  Both are equally valid.  In general, the shorter the aging time is, the lighter the wood flavor profile is.  Obviously, conversely, the longer...

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How do I know when its ready?

           People ask all the time, "How will I know when its done aging?" Well, it really is up to you. First: NEVER listen to anyone else when it comes to aging time. Their pallet could be very different from yours and more importantly, the environment they are aging their bottles in could cause it to age twice as fast or twice as slow as your environment.      The aging time recommendations in the product description are simply the feedback of hundreds of r&d tests on people with award winning pallets and hundreds of customers....

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Barrel Expansion and Contraction is a Myth... Kinda (Part 1)

Are some of the core beliefs held by the whiskey and bourbon community false?  What are the implications for aging whiskey and bourbon?

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How to: 6 months of barrel aging in 6 weeks

Improve the quality of any bottle of liquor at home using only a rubber band a few coffee filters.

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