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Distilled Manhattan recipe

The Manhattan is one of those iconic drinks that has stood the test of time.  For roughly 100 years people all over the world haven been enjoying this fine cocktail.  There have been numerous variations of the original recipe, but the classic still remains supremely iconic.  The classic recipe calls for 2oz of Rye, 3/4 oz of sweet vermouth, 2 dashes of bitters, and a cherry for garnish.  

This new twist on the Manhattan is only possible with the advent of the Cherry Bottle Aging Mast, and it distills down the number of final ingredients to only 2!  Simply add one Cherry Bottle Aging Mast to a 750ml bottle of high proof Rye.  The higher the proof, the better since higher proofs extract more bitter flavors.  Let it age at room temperature for 3-4 months with the cap back on the bottle.  Aging past 3 month typically starts to bring out more bitter notes from the aging process from the Cherry Bottle Aging Staves.  Both the cherry flavor and the bitter flavors come from re-aging the Rye on an Cherry Bottle Aging Mast.  The flavor achieved by aging on cherry wood is much deeper and more complex than adding a cherry or cherry flavor could ever be.  Now, Simply mix 2oz of Original Cherry Aging Mast aged Rye with 3/4oz sweet vermouth.  Stir extensively, and enjoy!

(note: for a similar but different version, mix 18oz Rye, 6.75oz sweet vermouth, and 18 dashes of bitters into your original bottle.  Add one Cherry Bottle Aging Mast.  Let it sit for 1 month.  Serve and enjoy!

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