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Holiday Aged Manhattan Cocktail 3-Pack

Beyond Barrels

Holiday Aged Manhattan Cocktail 3-Pack

$ 27.99

Limited Run!
This 3-pack of staves includes a fire charred: cherry, american white oak, and french oak stave.  The same high quality wood as the toasted staves, but this is perfect for aging a manhattan.  

Simply buy 2x750ml of your favorite Rye or Bourbon, and 1x750ml bottle of your favorite sweet (red) vermouth.  Mix the three bottles in a bowl, and place one charred stave in each of the three original bottles.  Be sure to label each bottle with the type of wood stave inside.  Then fill the bottles back up with the premixed manhattan cocktail, place the cap on, and let it age.  Anywhere from 3 weeks to 5+ years has been found to be amazing.  Enjoy experiencing the differences the three unique woods impart from the aging process.  To class it up, use decanters instead of the original bourbon/vermouth bottles. (not included)

After the cocktails have been aged, stir 2 oz from your selected bottle (or try blending them!) over ice with your favorite bitters, then strain into your glass and enjoy!  Optional: add a cocktail cherry.

What will your favorite wood or blend be?

What's included: 3  fully fire charred staves.  1x French Oak, 1x American White  Oak, 1x  Cherry.  
What's not included: decanters, mixing bowl, bitters, glasses, cocktail cherries, spoon, sweet vermouth, rye, bourbon

Note: char may appear uneven due to the staves being charred over a real wood fire for improved taste

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